Papers on Sediment Transport and Morphology
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The available papers are grouped into the following 8 subjects:

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1.  Bed forms and bed roughness

2.  Sand transport in rivers and estuaries

3.  Sand transport in coastal seas

4.  Mud transport in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas

5.  Sedimentation in trenches and channels in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas

6.  Morphodynamics in rivers, estuaries and nearshore coastal seas

7.  Morphodynamics in offshore coastal seas

8. Tidal phenomena

Books on Hydraulics, Sediment Transport and Morphology
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1990: Principles of Fluid Flow and Surface Waves
          in Rivers, Estuaries, Seas and Oceans (400 pages)

Principles of Fluid Flow and Surface Waves
          in Rivers, Estuaries, Seas and Oceans (update, 900 pages)
          This book is the most extensive book on flow and waves in open waters and
          reflects 40 years of experience in hydraulics.
          River and tidal flow are described in great detail. A simple analytical solution
          of tidal flow in funnel-type estuaries is given.
          Various simple modelling tools are included to compute river and tidal flow.
          1. Introduction (11 p)
          2. Fluid properties (11 p)
          3. Fluid statics (13 p)
          4. Fluid kinematics (11 p)
          5. Fluid dynamics (53 p)
          6. Steady uniform flow (63p)
          7. Steady non-uniform flow (77 p)
          8. Non-steady flow: long free surface waves (tides, 247 p)
          9. Non-steady flow: short free surface waves (277 p)
          Appendix A: Formulae (3 p)
          Appendix B: Mathematics in fluid mechanics (41 p)
          Appendix C: Turbulence (7 p)
          Appendix D: Method of characteristics (5 p)
          Appendix E: Analytical solution method for linearized flow equations (15 p)
          Appendix F: Numerical solution methods for flow equations (7 p)
          Appendix G: Model scaling laws (5 p)
1993: Principles of Sediment Transport
          in Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Seas, Part 1 (700 pages)

Principles of Sediment Transport
          in Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Seas, Part 2 (500 pages)
          (including sand transport model: TR2006  on CD-rom)

1998: Principles of Coastal Morphology (730 pages)

2005: Principles of Sedimentation and Erosion Engineering
          in Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Seas (580 pages)
          (including engineering modelling toolkit )
         This book describes simple methods and tools to deal with sediment problems
         in rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.
         1. Introduction
         2. Sedimentation and erosion problems and engineering approaches (15 p)
         3. Sediment transport processes (98 p)
         4. Sedimentation of sand and mud in navigation channels (110 p)
         5. Sedimentation of fine sand in coastal harbours, inlets and basins (35 p)
         6. Sedimentation of mud in harbour entrances and basins (60 p)
         7. Sedimentation in reservoirs and rivers (45 p)
         8. Erosion control measures along coasts (99 p)
         9. Local scour near structures (35 p)
        10. Offshore mining of sand (42 p)
        11. Dredging and dumping of sediment deposits (42 p)

Manual Sediment Transport Measurements (about 500 pages)
1993: Manual Sediment Transport Measurements (update 1)
2005: Manual Sediment Transport Measurements (update 2)
2007: Manual Sediment Transport Measurements (update 3)
2012: Manual Sediment Transport Measurements (update 4)

Highly recommended books (

Libyan Sands: travel in a dead world                          by R.A. Bagnold 1896-1990

Sand, Wind and War: memoirs of a desert explorer   by R.A. Bagnold 1896-1990