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Last update:  10 May 2024
1. Channel and bend migration
2. Reservoir siltation
3. Irrigation channels
4. Bed forms and navigability
5. Local scour near structures
6. Bed and bank protection
1. Siltation and dredging
2. Fluid mud and navigability
3. Optimum channel dimensions
4. Required field surveys
1. Coastal and beach erosion
2. Beach restoration (sand, gravel)
3. Beach nourishment
4. Land reclamation
5. Sediment budget
6. Local scour
Prof. Dr. LEO VAN RIJN is an independent consultant since his retirement in 2011 from Delft Hydraulics/Deltares and the University of Utrecht and has 40 years experience in solving sediment problems all over the world.
WWW.LEOVANRIJN-SEDIMENT.COM (LVRS-Consultancy) is specialized in QUICK SCANS and LOW-BUDGET STUDIES, using simple modelling tools (see and vast experience (see PROJECTS since 2012).
Detailed modelling studies can be performed as well in cooperation with high-level partners (Waterproof engineering and Wiertsema soil engineering). Basic modelling tools are the DELFT3D-system for flow, sediment transport and morphology in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas and the SWAN-model for wave propagation. A range of measuring instruments is available for field studies.

WWW.LEOVANRIJN-SEDIMENT.COM cooperates with: (soils)  (Hydro)
     NEW BOOK 2011
           (900 pages)
based on available books
1. Courses fluid and sediment
2. Courses erosion/sedimentation
3. Courses harbour/channel siltation
4. Training simple modelling tools
1. Longshore transport
3. Annual longshore transport
2. Simple formulae for sand transport
4. Coastal erosion and erosion control
5. Erosion of coastal dunes and beaches
6. Erosion of gravel beaches and barriers
7. Beach nourishment
8. Coastal structures against erosion
1. Reservoir siltation
3. Simple formulae for sand transport
2. Local scour near structures
1. Harbour siltation and dredging
2. Channel siltation/deposition
3. Water injection dredging
4. Field survey muddy environments
1. Coastal hydrodynamics
9. Local scour near structures
2. Sea level rise
3. Zeespiegelstijging
10. Beach restoration
11. Land reclamations of sand
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Free Downloads
Free Downloads
12 Land reclamations of mud
13 Sediment import tidal inlets
14. Stability coastal structures
5. Mud transport in tidal conditions
6. Sand transport in tidal conditions
15. Sand transport in tidal conditions
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16. Design recreation beaches
17. Erosion in lee zone structure
4. Threshold erosion Sand and Mud
6. Sand transport in tidal conditions
7. Fluid mud formation
8. Channel deepening sand
9. Channel deepening mud
10. Consolidation of soft mud-sand
5. Sediment pickup function
6. Bed protection of rocks
18. Bed protection of rocks
6. Bed protection of rocks
7. Erodibility of mud-sand mixtures
19. Design coastal sand dike-dune
8. Migration tidal sand waves
20. Cross-shore modelling applications
21. Aeolian sand transport 1
11. Settling velocity of mud
23. Longmor modelling applications
12. Turbidity due to dredging
22. Aeolian sand transport 2 (papers)